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Principle based learning Self Identity----> Belief ---->Thoughts---->Emotions ----> Action ---->Consequences

The consequences of actions are set by natural law.  You can choose your actions, but you cannot choose the consequences of those actions.  The only way you can choose your consequences is by understanding the principles, selecting what you believe is true, attaching an emotion to those beliefs and taking consistent action in accordance with those valued beliefs.  If you get the consequences you are looking for the principle and beliefs are correct.  If not, your need to evaluate the principles and beliefs you have selected.  This is hard to do without a life coach.

Private Life Coaching

Webinars & Workshops


We offer private one on one coaching from the privacy of your own computer or iPad with Mr. Brunt and coaches selected and trained by him.  From time to time we also conduct webinars and workshops and telecourses through our affiliate Achieve Today.

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